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Through so many years since my graduation in 2007, that is the year China opening the way to embrace this world more with establish of the 101session of fair in Guangzhou international pavilion, and then I heard for so many different views toward canton fair. Some people say, it is hard to do international business than before; Some say, every year we attend, and we keep showing up, just to meet old friends and hope there are new buyers; Still some say, our saleswoman is great to get new orders, let’s celebrate for her. Different people, different view, anyhow, it is our own judge and choice to hear more.

So today, I select and share more words from news broadcasted in Let’s just have a look. It will be worthy if there is only one word that can active your thought and make you impressed.

“Canton Fair enjoys a long history and extensive influence. It is a window for China’s opening up to the world, and has brought development opportunities.”

Since the setup of International Pavilion at 101st session in 2007, more than 13,000 companies from over 100 countries and regions have been attracted

“The Canton Fair brings together buyers and sellers from all over the world to discuss cooperation and development.” 

It is learned that the total exhibition area of this 126# session in autumn of year 2019, is 1.185 million square meters, and that the total number of stands is 60,651. Specifically, the total area of the International Pavilion is 20,000 square meters and the total number of stands is 1,000.

“It can be seen from the changes in the number of stands that in recent years, many companies show increased enthusiasm for participation and increased demand.” 

The Canton Fair not only provides entrepreneurs with a business platform of “buying from and selling to the globe”, but also promotes cultural exchanges among different countries and regions.


“The Canton Fair is a good bridge for Sino-Germany trade relationship, and a bond to bilateral partnership,” 

“We can guarantee product quality and brand image from the source, and ensure a reasonable and fair price.” 

“The first method is to complement each other to quickly open up the market for bilateral trade, and that the second method is to understand relevant trade policies of both parties and clear up obstacles to facilitate smooth trade cooperation.

“The winery of Germany’s Benediktiner boasts over-400-year long monastic brewing tradition and Bavarian beer culture. For consumers, beer is not simply beer, but contains culture in it.”

“We will offer full-service supply chain solutions for Sino-German trade, which will cover product procurement, customs clearance, logistics and distribution.

( Editor’s words: Nothing is easy, only we put into full heart and devotion into it, things will come to be not that hard as imagination. Every step is essential, with full knowledge for years in international trade, then pre-reduce the issues in every step, and strengthen the connections, you will find the way out. Originality, Profession, Experience, and Devotion in years will definitely help you go forward better and better. )

“By participating in it, Malaysia will better establish its image as a ‘supplier of reliable and high quality products and services’ and meet the needs of the China market or even the world market. It is fair to say that the Canton Fair is an iconic exhibition that Malaysia ‘clocks in every year’.”

“Compared with general popular beverages, we are more willing to focus on high-end health drinks. China’s huge middle-income group shows growing demand for healthy foods and beverages. This time at the Canton Fair, we mainly want to find the connection between production plants and dealers, namely to look for reliable agents in China. Fortunately, we have encountered a relatively mature buyer from Taiwan.”

In recent years, the continuous optimization of business environment in Guangdong has enabled many Malaysian companies to come to Foshan and Dongguan to set up warehouses and production bases for furniture and lighting products. They are optimistic about the consumer market in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, and want to share opportunities brought by “created in Guangdong” transformation and upgrading.

Sources: WeChat account of Ministry of Commerce, Canton Fair Press Center,

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Photos for reference:

BAOPACK-Baopack provide professional packing solution and promotion price in 126# Canton Fair, Oct 1

126# Canton Fair, Oct. 15-19, 2019

Pazhou International Exhibition Center in Guangzhou, China

BAOPACK-Baopack provide professional packing solution and promotion price in 126# Canton Fair, Oct 1-1