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Cans packing productin line

Cans packing productin line

Products information:

Semi-automatic bottle machine is mainly used to automatic entire column,orientation and transportation for all kinds of plastic bottles,glass bottles( round bottles);The feature is unscramble fast replacement of parts with small and fast, change easily and convenient.; widely used in the pharmaceutical, chemical, food and beverage industry, and can be matched with a variety of automatic packaging production line.

Working principle :

The function of the machine is  when the plastic bottles or glass bottles in the messy, then need the artificial to clear, to the dispersion after the regular bottles lined up standing on a conveyor belt, with highly automated, high-speed production of non-lack of machinery, and substantial savings in labor costs and avoid human factors caused the loss.


1. It is assembled by the main rotating disk and bottle

2. Simple Semi-automatic operation without any training.

3. There is no need to be any adjusted when change another products

4. Stepless speed regulation with stable speed

5. Pansonaic stepless speed motor

6. According to the GMP standard,Machine with AISI 304 stainless steel as the main material and can be modified for different requirements.

7. Matched with the whole production line

8. with the automatic bottle production and block the bottle stops automatically.


Unit size

2450*550*700mm (for the horizontal one) (** with discharge holes ) ;2300*550*700mm (for the vertical one)

Chute size

According to packing line, we will design it well for you.

Conveying capacity

10m / min, 10cbm/hour


380 /220V, 50Hz