VFFS Packing Machine Of Powder Auger Filler | Baopack-BAOPACK

Powder Auger Filler VFFS Packing Machine is one of the featured products of Baopack. D ifferent powder like grain powder, maize powder, ice cream powder, coffee powder, fruit powder, milk powder, tea powder, probiotics powder, etc.

Match with auger filler, screw conveyor, output conveyor of different type, this whole set of powder packing machine can fulfill for feeding, metering, form fill seal, output multifunction along the way. 

The common problem is with packing powder, the working environment is often not so clean and dust into air, into places inside or outside around of machine is easy to seen. Baopack does take special measures to reduce dust, waste, and then save some cost, create a better working environment as well.

What’s more, powder would affect the sealing of bags if sticky to the inner side of film.

Baopack strongly suggests clients to match ionization device to against static reaction.

With newly need in market to mix powder with granules sometimes, baopack can do the customized settings of combined weigher and auger filler or volumetric cups to get the mixture products packing into bags full automatically.

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