Various Bag Style Packing Machine is one of the featured products of Baopack. Baopack has been mainly manufacturing various kinds of main packing machine. Normal VP series is for stick bags, pillow bags, gusset bags / origuchi bags. VS series is mainly for 3 side sealed bags, or 4 side sealed bags. VT series is for quadro sealed or named 4 edges sealed bags, standup bags, bottom flat bags, also flexible for adding pillow bags, gusset bags. VM series is for doypack bags with zipper made in machine. VZ, VPZ series is mainly for full bags liquid packing. VQ, VTQ series is also for inclined packing of fragile food into pillow bags, gusseted bags, quadro bags. VL series is mainly for 3 side sealed bags, or long stick bags, pillow bags in small sachet with multi lanes packing.

 Also we have premade bags packing machines, that is suitable for different types premade bags. Honestly such bags are great looks and also with top or bottom open, for filling sealing in machine only.

We do customized packing solution suggestions based on your specific inquiry details.

Like what to pack, how much to pack per bag, and bag type you prefer, sample photos better for no doubt confirmation.

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