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Volumetric Cups VFFS Packing Machine is one of the featured products of Baopack. Volume to weigh certain weight is not that accurate as weigher to measure, but it works well for fine granules, or regular shaped certain density products. Like puffed food, larger beans we use lower larger volumetric cups, or for small granules like small green beans, sugar, salt, detergent powder granules, we use narrower higher volumetric cups to measure. 

Take out a round cubic bottle, check the height, diameter, and weigh it, tell us the datas, we can offer you some suggestions of packing sizes packed in machines. Better if you can provide your product samples and film roll to us for test and double check. Then we can set all the datas in machine for you before delivery.

The structure of this economic type can be as follows: main packing machine (different type), volumetric cups (different sizes, different structure according to different products to pack), big hopper elevator (or simple Z type elevator, or without elevator for small machines), output conveyor (as speed is fast, we suggest to match it for not jammed at bottom place in machine). Volumetric cups system performances well for lower investment.

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