Weigher VFFS Packing Machine is one of the featured products of Baopack. Baopack matched main packing machine with combination weigher dated back to early 2001. This is the first case Baopack set in this industry in mainland of China. The whole set originally was combined by 6 main parts: Main Packing Machine 398 type, 10head Combination Weigher, Platform, Z type Elevator, Vibration Hopper, Finished Product Conveyor (Belt type).  

Comparatively nowadays, it is more comprehensive and can form a full auto packing production line with several sets working together. 

The structure can be very flexible packing system matched by: Main Packing Machine (different types or speed), multi-head Combination Weigher (different heads quantity like 2heads, 4 heads, 10 heads, 14 heads, 16 heads, 18heads, 24heads, high speed, dimple type, frozen type, chopstick type, waterproof type etc.), Platform (mild steel, or stainless steel mainly, or without platform), Z type Elevator (2L or 4L food degree hopper, inclined conveyor, bowls type conveyor, doule Z type elevator ), Vibration Hopper (standards, or enlarged separate hopper), Finished Product Conveyor (Belt type or Chain Type or With Counting function), Metal Detector, Weight Checker, Round Rotary turntable, Air Compressor, Nitrogen Making Machine, Horizontal Conveying system, etc. 

Baopack has been mainly manufacturing such machinery packing automatically.

Any small fine granules, larger granules, pieces, slices, bulks, in shapes of round, square, ball, cubic, tubes can be packed by such matches with weigher to measure. For fragile food snacks, frozen food, a little bit sticky food, fresh vegetables, different weighers can be chosen to match with main packing machine.

Application: to pack puffed food, snacks, crispy rice, jelly, candy, roasted nuts, peanuts, pistachios, potato chips, banana slices, fresh vegetables, ice tubes, coffee pods, dumplings, meat balls, pet food, coffee beans, tea leaves, spicy leaves, dry mushrooms, dry strawberries, fruit slices, chocolate beans, green beans, etc.

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