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Baopack Factory News in 2019


What comes most important when you purchase packing machines?

BAOPACK-What comes most important when you purchase packing machines

My first client ever told me he cares about original design. Then “original comes first” becomes my slogan, which is the point why I choose Baopack for international business. 

Nothing is more than original design, original R&D, as you know good and bad points via design and improvements. 

I do insist original design and manufacture even I was rejected by many clients as price is not affordable. Surely one has its own situation and choice. We are here for helping more friends as we have been doing for more than 20 years.

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We have many E32II inquiry from platform, that is reality, all of us will take price into consideration for business either small or large. Thanks to those clients who request small packing machines, with your feedback, we have put into MOQ 1set CB-E32II into ordering list, and we promote with CB-VD32, CB-VD32A, CB-VD32II for more durability and life length, less aftersales maintenance cost. 

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The main difference is E32II is the version much simpler and much lower price, affordable for small family business starters. The bag forming structure is simplest type as what we called “shape like elephant’s nose”, which can also be changed easily. Small space taken, limited height to feed in raw materials. But with my experience, many such machine is just for 2-3 years usage, not that durable as designed for 10 years around. 

The advantage of VD32 is mainly the bag forming structure, with film pulling structure more stable from backside, lower placement of film rolls, and better balance of whole set. Film is pulling more stable, and bags forming as well. Material using Stainless steel 304 for frame, and famous international electronic settings, reliable with less maintenance cost, original design from Baopack, then you can spare more time for sales to increase the market share. 

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For medium size packing machine, that is CB-VP42, VP52 series, which is suitable for upto 1kg, 2kg products packing mainly. Baopack newest version is with CB-VP42A, CB-VP42AII, CB-VG42A, CB-VP52A, CB-VP52B, CB-VP52BII, CB-VG52A, CB-520H (CB-VG52B) high speed packing and the newest more economical CB-VP42B type, CB-VP52E type. 

For larger size packing machine upto 3kg, 5kg, 10 kg packing, we do have VP62, VP73, VP93, VP1050 and even larger series. 

So for more details, you can feel free to contact and inquiry with detailed request. 

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This year, we become the sub-factory of listed company, so stronger R&D capability and greater team-work, larger variety of packing solution into bags, into box, into cartoons, onto pallets, wrapping, sealing, output, conveying. We will continuously devote to serve you better.

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In the peak time for purchase, pls contact Alina in time for the special promotion price if you are just in time to order some packing machines.

I appreciate highly your inquiry with detailed request! Happy go ahead!



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