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Editor: Alina  on Sept. 03,2018

Welcome to visit Baopack factory in Foshan, China if you are just in China or nearby cities like Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Zhongshan, Dongguan. It is quite near and just 45 minutes from Guangzhou Airport.

With the development of new concept to increase online sales, in order to help both agents and end users to make full use of time without needs to go at site, Baopack has its new official website setup in 2018, by browse to baopacktech.com , you will get very clear idea of who Baopack is, and what Baopack team has been devoting into.

For more than 20 years, Baopack experienced a lot for ups and downs along with the development of China. Let me just have a small story to share with you:

Originally it is CB-VP42 multi-function packaging machine ,which can do from filling, forming, sealing to output including printing date EXP. MFG. At that time it just looks like the old green color truck train. It is economical, old looking, but under years improvements, it becomes classical, more stable, and we can update to speed up!  Just the basic international standard type is more or less like you are in a cradle... slowly take you to dream.

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Then when people get used to CB-VP42, clients did request for faster speed, then it is CB-VP42II packing machine that BAOPACK did improvement in time. Yes, speed does mean something! Not so expensive but just comfortable as our D letter train in train development. This is just like Bullet Train. You are not in a hurry, but enjoy it.

Later on, Baopack team did research and develop for CB-VG42 packing machine, the high speed model, like the G-series high speed train, very fast, time saving, energy saving, just meet the up-to-date normal people’s need.

You may know, Baopack has been improving, both from outside looking to inner details of machines, from functions to technology updating. Yes, we are in pursuit of perfect machines. So now we have our CB-VG42A newest version of high speed packing machine, which is a milestone of BAOPACK. Because this type full-auto multi-function packing machine is the premium European style, humanized, customized with strong technology!

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What’s more if you have limited budget at the beginning, we can do your customized packing solution by setting CB-VP42A, basic new international standard type with future updating to CB-VP42II faster speed packing machine, or CB-VG42A type with film pulling servo, horizontal and vertical sealing servo packing machine.

So, it is like the high speed train in China also have economical seat, luxury seat, we are serving client’s different needs with our best effort. Baopack do customized packing solution to fulfill your packing product specifications.

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